About Us

We are in an age where knowledge appears accessible at the click of a button. When accepted wisdom is presented as truth, it should be interrogated to uncover its flaws. That’s why at Agile Rabbit the issues that matter are scrutinised by global experts, alongside regional figures.

Agile Rabbit is a platform that provides special events for the South-West and beyond to focus on ideas, global affairs and the natural and scientific world. The events are set in contrasting venues across the South-West to provide quirky experiences, whilst maximising participation for all communities.

There is a monthly talk and discussion at Exeter Phoenix, and other special events elsewhere including IntoBodmin and Marine Theatre Lyme Regis. The events include panel discussions, debates, film screenings, and performances. This diversity of experiences sets the tone of Agile Rabbit as inclusive, emphasising our key theme: that cutting edge thinking can be at the centre of everyday life.


Lapin Agile is a cabaret in Montmartre, Paris. At the turn of the twentieth century artists, thinkers, and scientists would gather to discuss ideas and socialise.


John Puckey, Artist & Events Producer | Dr Kate Baker, Research Fellow at the University of Exeter


In partnership with the Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter