Blue Heart

We lead the engagement and communications for a £4.4 million project called Blue Heart, which is under DEFRA’s £150m Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme. It champions innovative approaches to flood resilience and climate adaptation.

Using the ABCD Assets-Based Community Development approach, we support dialogue and relationship-building with communities throughout the catchment area, whether focussed geographically, economically, culturally or through particular concerns such as ecology or access to blue spaces.

We utilise a variety of community-driven techniques with a focus on innovation – designing and evaluating playful activities to increase community resilience to flooding.

Community Fund

The Blue Heart Community Fund helps local formal and informal community groups to try out new ideas or expand existing activities that drive positive climate action in Eastbourne and southern Wealden.

Community Map 

The Blue Heart collaborative map is an online resource, and an invitation for you to contribute. We have three main themes – water, nature and heritage. Together these themes tell the story of people and places in Eastbourne and southern Wealden from different perspectives.

Listening to the Community

Blue Heart records members of the community, special interest groups, stakeholders, and partners.

Audio is used as a medium for creativity, communicating ideas, and feelings. By making recordings available for everyone, the project aims to support a greater understanding of relevant issues and different perspectives within Eastbourne’s wider community.

The goal of Blue Heart is to try out innovative ways to predict and mitigate the impact of flooding in Eastbourne and southern Wealden. To learn more about the Blue Heart Project, visit the official Blue Heart website.