East Sussex County Council

In 2022, we supported East Sussex County Council to produce a community engagement strategy for a £4.4 million DEFRA funded Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme. 

We worked with Stellaria Media to use the approach known as Community Radio, which has an open and appreciative nature and encourages people to speak freely about what matters to them. 

The listening exercise was a great way to explore the project area, meet local residents and business owners, and familiarise ourselves with existing networks and relationships. We were able to start mapping the skills, knowledge, resources and energy already present in communities as part of our assets-based approach. By following ‘leads’ suggested by initial interviewees, the scope of the exercise grew organically.

This exercise helped us to write the strategy ensuring that the community were at the heart of the project. Below is a link to the radio show which was shared on local radio stations. 

Blue Heart Documentary

You can listen back to the Community Radio Documentary we have created as part of our initial consultation to create this community engagement strategy. It features voices from across Eastbourne and southern Wealden’s community.