10 ways to help your child do well

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How can you help your children do well at school and beyond? Hear the top tips – and the evidence for them – in this special live event with Lee Elliot Major, the first professor of Social Mobility. He’ll reveal what really matters in education, debunking myths and misconceptions that can harm children’s learning.

Professor Eliot Major’s work helps parents to focus on the effective use of their time, which leads to better outcomes for children, but also a more balanced life. Based on the findings of thousands of studies alongside many personal parenting stories, we’ll examine how to empower children so they become independent thinkers ready to prosper in the world.


Lee Elliot Major

Professor of Social Mobility
University of Exeter

Lee Elliot Major’s work is dedicated to improving the prospects of children and young people.

He has written several award-winning books about education and social mobility, including Social Mobility and Its Enemies and What Works? Research and evidence for successful teaching.

His work has helped thousands of teachers. He is focused on the practical impact of research, working closely with school leaders, universities, employers and policy makers.

Lee is one of the most influential public voices in national education debates, appearing regularly in the press. He was formerly Chief Executive of the Sutton Trust. He is the first in his family to go to university. In 2019, Lee was awarded an OBE in 2019 for services to social mobility.