Creative Communication Workshop

Creative Quadrant University of Exeter Streatham Campus

Are you interested in learning how to make your public engagement activities more playful? 

We are offering a Playful Communication Workshop at Exeter’s Creative Quadrant, run by Fiona Rourke, Adam Lusby, and Maarten Koeners. Participants will network with other researchers who are interested in creating innovative (and playful!) public engagement activities. Explore several different ways of communicating your research within a safe and playful space. Come along to get some inspiration.

The event is free and open to everyone at the University of Exeter, but especially those who are planning on being involved in Futures Festival 2023. We are hoping to make the event hybrid so if you are not Exeter based you’ll be able to join online. If you can’t make the whole event, just drop by between 12-4 pm.

To sign up, please contact

Please also get in touch if you’re interested in being involved in Futures Festival 2023. We are organising a Pop-Up Shop of Curiosity at The Cornish Bank in Falmouth along with talks, walks and talks and much more.


Adam Lusby

Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship
University of Exeter

An architect by training, Adam Lusby has been teaching at The University of Exeter since 2018. His main field of research revolves around the circular economy. He is  interested in the ‘thinking’ that exists on the ‘edge’ which has led him to work across disciplines and sectors with a curiosity around technology (physical, social, digital, and biological), complexity, and the ideas emerging from the fourth industrial revolution. In his work, he delivers projects in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity in line with the Business School’s growth strategy. 

Fiona Rourke

Manager of University of Exeter Creative Quadrant Space
University of Exeter

Fiona is a dynamic 3D creator, lecturer and technical manager working at the intersection of art, design & technology. She is often found working on a wide range of projects exploring the exchange between physical and digital making and cross-disciplinary creative problem solving. She is interested in connecting with projects, individuals and institutions who are actively exploring creative technology for problem solving embedded social and community issues.

Maarten Koeners

Senior Lecturer Medicine & Medical Sciences and Founder of The Playful University
University of Exeter

Maarten is  a biomedical researcher (experimental nephrology) and over the years he’s become passionate about strengthening the link between learning and joy through play and compassion. He integrates insights in the physiology of play and playful learning with my academic practice. He established the Playful University Club, and together with Adam Lusby’s the Playful Lab, he is working to form global connections on the creation of holistic pedagogic practices for students, educators and innovators – enabling individual and institutional play and playfulness to foster a culture that supports joyous, authentic transition to the co-creation of knowledge and skills, while counteracting a number of barriers to innovation and wellbeing.