A musical tour of Field Neuroscience

Exeter Phoenix Gandy St, Exeter EX4 3LS

How do we relate neuroscience research in laboratories to our experience of living? The goal of Field Neuroscience is to build a bridge between the two – it’s the non-invasive study of nervous systems “in the wild”.

Neuroscientists study something that everyone uses every day to navigate the complexities of human society – their nervous system. Perhaps without even knowing it, everyone has a familiarity with the nervous system’s influence on their own behaviour and the behaviour of others. This gives neuroscience a unique and largely untapped potential compared to other sciences. 

Want to learn more? Then listen – Field Neuroscience is responsible, inventive, and rigorous research that also incorporates humour, sass, and fun.


Danbee Kim

Dr. Danbee “Tauntaun” Kim is a Korean-American neuroscientist and teacher who earned her BSc in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from MIT, where they also spent 10 years acting, directing, choreographing, costuming, and writing original content for the MIT Musical Theater Guild. While completing her PhD with Dr. Adam Kampff at the Champalimaud Neuroscience Program, Danbee authored a graphic novel version of their doctoral dissertation called The First VIRS. Danbee’s current focus is developing a framework for precisely observing nervous systems in ecologically relevant settings, aka “field neuroscience”. This includes studying cuttlefish, building interactive exhibits, and using comics and circus as a tool for education and research. To learn more, you can visit www.danbeekim.org.