Freaks of the Animal Kingdom

Exeter Phoenix

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From naked mole rats and their teeth digging skills to kickboxing secretary birds, get ready to get your freak on. 

No fish can survive without water…unless they’re walking fish, also known as ambulatory fish, whose means of locomotion not only include swimming, but walking, springing, and undulation, too.

Dr. Steve Portugal from the Centre of Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour at the Royal Holloway University of London, has long been interested in the curious and peculiar behaviours of our fellow earthly inhabitants. 

Join us for this funky Agile Rabbit talk!


Steve Portugal

Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour
Royal Holloway University of London

Steve Portugal is a comparative ecophysiologist. The common theme of his work focuses on how animals adapt their behaviour and ecology to the challenges of their environment, within the constraints of their own physiological and anatomical limitations. Such questions are particularly important in the light of global environmental change and exploitation of natural resources, in the emerging field of conservation physiology.

From September, Steve will commence his new position as Associate Professor of Animal Behaviour at the University of Oxford and St Hugh’s College.