How has the Covid- 19 Pandemic impacted you? In this podcast Bath Radio explores people’s experiences throughout the pandemic and how it has affected resilience & wellbeing. Resilience is about how we cope with adversity, and not coping usually means having to deal with anxiety or depression. But it’s not something you have, or don’t have, and all the evidence points to the idea that we can all take steps to build up our resilience. In the first programme, psychologist Dr Julie Ferguson talks with two professional women working in organisations with roles to support employees through the lockdowns. They discussed both the negative and positive effects of the lockdowns, including the social acceptance of talking about mental health issues. In the second episode, Patricia, a retired nurse, talks with two groups of non working age, retired people and school children to find out if there are any themes that connect or differentiate the two groups. 

The programmes were broadcast on Bath Radio, Soundart Radio (Totnes), Radio St Austell Bay and Devon Stream in a celebratory radio festival on November 27th & 28th.

Community Radio helps people to connect with others and make programmes in their own way, which explore meaningful issues in their lives.


This European Researchers’ Night project is funded by the European Commission under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions.