Humans vs Robots

Exeter Phoenix

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Algorithms are an essential part of how our world functions nowadays. Can our human brain still compete with the rapid advancements of our technological inventions, however?

Nathan Lepora, Professor of Robotics and AI at the University of Bristol, will share his vast knowledge on most recent robotic developments. Professor Lepora is interested in the intersection of artificially embodied intelligence and neuroscience and how, in turn, this manipulates how we perceive our surroundings, learn, and interact with one another.

He is the leader of the Dexterous Robotics Group in Bristol Robotics Laboratory, a collaborative research group that investigates and develops dexterous robots with a human-like sense of touch that can intelligently interact with their surroundings. Together with his research group, he has pioneered the use of 3D-printing for easy fabrication of tactile sensors, leading to multiple benefits from open-sourcing the technology to the integration into robot hands and grippers.


Nathan Lepora

Professor of Robotics and AI
School of Engineering Mathematics and Technology
University of Bristol

Nathan F. Lepora a Professor of Robotics & AI who leads the Dexterous Robotics Group in Bristol Robotics Laboratory.

He originally trained in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge then continued to a PhD and Research Fellowship in Theoretical Physics. He started a second career as a writer, focussing on science education, recently authoring ‘Robots!’ with Penguin House publishing. He changed fields in academia as a Research Associate in Computational Neuroscience then Biomimetic Robotics at the Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield.