Lockdown Blues

Do you have the lockdown blues? This hour-long online workshop is about connection and catharsis through shared creativity. Dr Fred Cooper from the Wellcome Centre will talk briefly about the Beacon project on loneliness, show you some things that other people have been making, drawing, writing (or singing!) during Covid-19, and lend you some inspiration to express yourself your way. Come prepared to create something, even if you never show anybody! 

12 noon LIVE ON ZOOM

This European Researchers’ Night project is funded by the European Commission under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions.


Fred Cooper

Research Fellow
Wellcome Centre for Cultures + Environments
University of Exeter

Fred Cooper is the lead academic on the Wellcome Centre Health Beacon project on loneliness.

He is also a historian of medicine with interests in loneliness, solitude, alienation, exclusion, culture, gender, the social and psy sciences, and public health. His current historical research centres on the recent history of loneliness as an object of medical concern.