Pop-Up Walkie Talkie: A Pond Wandering

Kimberley Park, Kimberley Park Road, Falmouth TR11 2DD

Perhaps you already know about ponds and maybe you even created your own pond in your back garden during lockdown.

PhD student Alice Pawlik knows the ins and outs of the importance of ponds, not just for wildlife but for humans, too. She is a keen herpetologist with a particular interest in amphibian disease, ecology, and conservation, and will speak about how reptiles and amphibians in particular depend on ponds. 

This event is part of FUTURES, a FREE festival of discovery for all ages where you can explore the past, create the present and imagine the future. Agile Rabbit is delivering this event on behalf of the University of Exeter, celebrating and highlighting its vibrant, fascinating, and impactful research.

Meet outside the Cornish Bank. This is an approximately 1 h walk – please bring sensible clothing and footwear.