FUTURES ON AIR: Shelter for Daydreams

Levels of housing wealth inequality in the UK are unprecedented with many of us suffering from its effects. Poor quality accommodation, high rents and a lack of affordable homes have a real impact on people’s lives. It is driving the UK’s extreme levels of inequality. In this podcast we hear stories from people in Devon about the power imbalance when renting and having no control over your own home environment. Professor Karyn Morrissey from the University of Exeter responds to the conversations with her research on understanding the impact of socio-economic and environmental inequalities on health outcomes.

The programmes were made with Stellaria Media and broadcast on Bath Radio, Soundart Radio (Totnes), Radio St Austell Bay and Devon Stream in a celebratory radio festival on November 27th & 28th.

This European Researchers’ Night project is funded by the European Commission under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions.


Dr Karyn Morrissey

Associate Professor
European Centre for Environment and Human Health
University of Exeter

Karyn’s research focuses on understanding the impact of socio-economic and environmental inequalities on health outcomes, using data both big and small.

An economist by background and having worked in a Department of Geography, her multi-disciplinary approach centres on the application of computational methodologies such as simulation models, econometric models and geo-computation models.

Karyn is interested in the science-policy interface and has been a rapporteur for an OECD Workshop on the Future of Maritime Spatial Planning and Ocean Monitoring. She was an invited speaker at the Second Irish Maritime and Energy Resource Cluster Annual Conference in Cork in 2013, and an invited keynote speaker at the National Ocean Forum in Mauritius in 2012.