Solar Energy, Bright Future?

Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro TR1 2SJ

£5.00 Ticket

Come along to this showcase of possibilities, explore the many ways we can take inspiration from natural phenomena to convert sunlight into energy, and discover the real and natural magic behind the power of sunlight.  From solar-powered bees to solar powered lights, Dr. Anurag Roy will dive into the working principles of solar cells and their ability to operate carbon-free. 

Anurag is a Research Fellow at the Solar Energy Research Group of the University of Exeter’s Engineering Department. 

Join us, make comments, and ask questions!

This talk is part of the Evening of Invention, a partnership event by Royal Cornwall Museum and Agile Rabbit, inspired by the Marvellous Mechanical Museum, an exhibition by Cabaret Mechanical Theatre.


Anurag Roy

Research Fellow
University of Exeter

Dr. Anurag Roy is an EPSRC Research Fellow in the Solar Energy Research Group at the University of Exeter, Penryn Campus. His research spans new materials innovations and novel strategy development for solar energy harvesting, including photovoltaics, passive cooling, and photocatalytic applications aligned with the climate emergency and UK government strategy 2030. Anurag is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the American Chemical Society and a registered scientist with the UK Science Council.