Wild Isles: Water and Sussex

Towner Eastbourne, College Road, Eastbourne

£5.00 Ticket

Join us for a very special event in Sussex!

The latest BBC programme narrated by David Attenborough, Wild Isles, looks at the dramatic beauty of nature here in Britain and Ireland. The highly anticipated series is something special made close to home: a stunning survey of golden eagles, foxes and dormice; woodlands, meadows and rivers.

We’re delighted to be joined by one of its directors and producers, Nicholas Gates, who you might have spotted in a boat searching for orcas during the first episode. He’ll be sharing insights and images from all things water-related in the series – from chalk streams to whales.

Nick is a naturalist, producer, and writer based in Bristol. The South Downs feature in the series and Nick grew up in Sussex, so he’ll also reflect on local nature.

With a passion for conservation, nature-friendly farming, and rewilding, he loves to find stories that inspire people to care for the natural world.

This event is part of Blue Heart, DEFRA-funded project. Blue Heart’s goal is to try out innovative ways to predict and mitigate the impact of flooding in Eastbourne and southern Wealden. Agile Rabbit is supporting its communication and community engagement.


Nicholas Gates

Director and Producer

Nicholas Gates’s most recent work as a director and producer is on display in Wild Isles, the latest BBC programme narrated by David Attenborough. He is vlogger, public speaker, and writer of Orchard: A Year in England’s Eden. 

He is a passionate naturalist with a love for conservation, rewilding, and finding stories that inspire people to care for our natural world. 

Originally from Sussex, Nick has a background in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University. He is now based in Bristol where he lives as a wildlife gardener.