Futures 2022

EU Corner for Futures2020

On 30 September and 1 October we’re running an event called Futures 2022. It’s about celebrating research and researchers from all backgrounds, disciplines and levels of experience from PhD onwards.

We’re looking for people with exciting ideas for interactive engagement with the general public – it could be a talk, activity, demonstration or workshop. We are open and interested in suggestions and can help develop an idea.

These are the events that are planned, but are rough ideas – we are open to your suggestions!

Pop-Up Curiosity Shop of Science and Culture
Make Tank | 30 Sept & 1 Oct 2022

This is a celebration of bonkers discovery and intriguing culture with a pop-up shop full of science, mayhem, research and more in the centre of Exeter. Music, theatre, guided walks, demonstrations, talks, workshops, and even robots will bring to life the brilliant work that happens at UoE. It will be a chance for curious minds to meet scientists, historians, doctors, mathematicians, and more. Musicians and artists will work with researchers to bring their work to life for all ages and backgrounds. An EU Corner will be part of this event;artist Steve McCracken will work with EU researchers to paint a mural on the shop window,viewed by hundreds using Exeter’s main Bus Station. While he paints, researchers will highlight the connections to their research to the public.

Walkie Talkies
Across the South West | 30 Sept & 1 Oct 2022 29 & 30 Sept 2023

Academics from UoE and beyond, at varied career stages, will guide walks and reveal varied research and in an exciting array of locations. Walks could include: Exploring a moorland restoration project on Dartmoor National Park; Investigating links between environment, health and oceans through a tour of the fishing town Falmouth; and Discovering the ancient worlds and biodiversity of our planet through an tour of Reed Hall gardens in Exeter. This engaging format is the ultimate ‘show and tell’, powerfully bringing research to life, demonstrating findings, and taking the public right into the inspiring places where vital work happens.