Futures: A Festival of Discovery for the South West

We have been leading on delivering various and vibrant events for this free festival on behalf of the University of Exeter in Devon and Cornwall for the past three years.

Futures is a free festival of discovery that celebrates innovative and world-class research taking place at universities across the South West.  It is delivered in various locations by the Universities of Plymouth, Bristol, Bath, Bath Spa, and Exeter.

Pop-Up Curiosity Shop of Science and Culture

The Pop-Up shop is a celebration of the fascinating research happening at the University of Exeter. It is brought to life with music, demonstrations, lunchtime talks, workshops, window art, and sometimes even robots! We invited the public to meet researchers from all disciplines at MakeTank in Exeter and The Cornish Bank in Falmouth in 2023.

Pop-Up Walkie Talkies

University of Exeter researchers from various career stages guide walks on topics such as the Asian hornet invasion in the UK and fungi and the human cell, and reveal varied research findings in an exciting array of locations. This format is the ultimate ‘Show and Tell’ by bringing research to life in inspiring places.

Panel Discussions

Our panel discussions bring together leading research experts from the University of Exeter and beyond. Our audiences are encouraged to ask questions and engage in lively and passionate conversations. Talks included The Psychedelic Renaissance and Why Do People Believe Conspiracy Theories?.

Radio Programme Futures on Air

We created a series of radio programmes with Stellaria Media that were broadcast on Bath Radio, Soundart Radio (Totnes), Radio St Austell Bay and Devon Stream.

Festival of the Sea

Overlooking the sea in Lyme Regis, the day celebrated the ocean with performances and activities alongside conversations and demonstrations from world-leading scientists and local people.