A smörgåsbord of our favourite work

High Impact Events

We help organisations embrace and explore big ideas with topics as diverse as a History of Pornography to the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. 

Blue Heart

We are leading the Engagement and Communications Strategy for the £4.4 million DEFRA funded project in Eastbourne and Southern Wealden. 

East Sussex County Council

We designed a Community Engagement Strategy for a six year flood and innovation project called Blue Heart. 

British Science Festival

In collaboration with radio producers, local artists, researchers, and neurodivergent communities, we made a sensory map to draw everyone into the wonderful British Science Festival in Exeter in 2023.

Standon Calling Festival

For the past three years, we ran the Lawn Stage at this music festival. We curated talks, discussions, and interactive events for an audience of 16,000 people. 


On behalf of the University of Exeter, we’ve successfully delivered all the events for this Festival of Discovery across the last three years. 

Walkie Talkies

We enjoy exploring different formats to communicate innovative and bonkers ideas to our audience. We work with researchers to deliver the experience of learning in an informal way during a guided walk and talk. Where else can you share a stroll with a leading mind?

Civic University

We were instrumental in helping the University of Exeter with a landmark agreement to establish how the Russell Group institution will work in partnership with other organisations to find solutions for society’s most pressing problems.

Exeter City Council Summit

At the invitation of Exeter City Council, we designed and delivered an influential Leadership Summit on City Centre Anti-Social Behaviour.

Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

We delivered a major package of public engagement events to communicate the institute’s cutting edge research directly to the people of the South West – both public and industry leaders. 


In 2021, we brought an event called Creative Responses to Climate Change to St. Petroc’s Church in rural Cornwall for the arts and community organisation IntoBodmin.

Global Systems Institute

The Global Systems Institute at the University of Exeter celebrated the 100th birthday of James Lovelock and we created a companion sell-out public event called ‘Can I do anything about climate change?’. 

Royal Geographic Society Explore

We were thrilled to deliver The Royal Geographical Society’s annual field research event in Exeter.