Anthony King

Professor Anthony King is the Director of the University of Exeter’s pioneering Strategy and Security Institute and makes regular appearances on national and international media to discuss issues related to security and defence policy. Professor King’s work is wide-ranging but unified by an enduring sociological interest in the rich life-worlds of exclusive social groups, including football fans, infantry soldiers, military headquarters, and their historical development.

Following the 9/11 attacks, he began to explore the question of war, the armed forces, and miliary culture. He has worked in the field of military sociology and security studies for the last twenty years, publishing four monographs, including a trilogy of military transformation; The Transformation of Europe’s Armed Forces (Cambridge University Press, 2011), The Combat Soldier (Oxford University Press, 2013), Command (Cambridge University Press, 2019). His most recent book, Urban Warfare in the Twenty-First Century, was published in 2021; a second edition of this book will appear in 2025. He is currently working on a monograph of AI and military transformation, called AI, Automation, and War, to be published by Princeton University Press in 2025.