Markus Anderljung

Markus is the Head of Policy at GovAI. He leads his team’s research on how governments, AI companies, and other stakeholders can best ensure the safe and beneficial development of transformative AI systems. In his work, Markus focuses on the impacts and governance of the most capable AI systems available today, and how society can prepare for even more capable AI systems in the future. His research addresses whether regulations should be imposed on frontier AI systems.

Markus is Adjunct Fellow at the Center for a New American Security and a member of the OECD AI Policy Observatory’s Expert Group on AI Futures. He was seconded to the UK Cabinet Office as a Senior AI Policy Specialist advising on the UK’s regulatory approach to AI. Amongst others, Markus’s research has been published in Science, Nature Machine Intelligence, International Joint Conference on AI, and Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research,