Futures 2021

On 24 and 25 September we’re running an event called Futures 2021, part of European Researchers’ Night that takes place across 200 cities. It’s about celebrating research and researchers from all backgrounds, disciplines and levels of experience from PhD onwards.

We’re looking for people with exciting ideas for interactive engagement with the general public – it could be a talk, activity, demonstration or workshop. We are open and interested in suggestions and can help develop an idea.

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University of Exeter Survey

Filling out this survey will help the University of Exeter to understand what local people think about its role.

It is a chance for you to let the university know how it can work with local communities.

It will take less than 5 minutes to complete. If you complete it before 14 August 2021, you can enter a draw to win a £200 ‘InExeter’ gift voucher (which can be spent in around 100 independent shops in Exeter).

The survey will help shape the university’s Exeter Civic University Agreement (CUA). This agreement is being created with Exeter City Council, Exeter College and the RD&E NHS Foundation Trust. It will help the University and its partners to support our local economy, society and environment.

Thank you.

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Morning Connections is a brand new radio show that will be broadcast online and on air on Totnes’s Soundart Radio each morning. Community programme-makers will meet researchers and experienced people to discuss topics important to their lives and work. Morning Connections will explore a wide range of interesting themes from diverse perspectives. By blending research and citizen journalism, the programme will widen discussions on vital issues facing ourselves and society. It’s about personal experience, exciting research, and how they overlap – but most of all it’s telling fascinating stories.

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Audio Droplets

This exciting new community radio project brings together people who work to rejuvenate landscapes. You might be working on a project that counters floods, droughts, soil erosion, or habitat loss. Together, we will make a radio programme that weaves together fascinating stories about water from across our changing world. Let’s discover the challenges and successes we face in different ways and share our aspirations for the future.

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